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Superluminal Light
Albert Einstein: Prophet or Plagiarist

The first concrete prediction of superluminal or faster than light travel was presented by Ricardo Carezani. In this theory of autodynamics, faster that light travel is permitted but was clearly excluded by Poincare and and later by Einstein when developing special relativity. Now it is clear that superluminal light is here to stay. See, for example, Walker, Experimental Evidence of Near-field Superluminally Propogating Electomagnetic Fields, Physics Abstract, Internet, 2000, Nelson, When Light is Faster Than Light, Newsday, 07-20-2000, NEC Succeeds in Superluminal Light Propogation, Company press release, 2000, Devlin, Interview: Keith Devlin discusses recent attempts to go faster that the speed of light, Weekend Edition-Saturday Night (NPR), Derbyshire, News: Scientists shed light on laws of relativity, The Daily Telegraph, In his theory of special relativity, Einstein said nothing travels faster that the speed of light. (emphasis added), Science Correspondent, 07-20-2000 (The apologists are saying that information cannot travel beyond the speed of light. That may be true, but it is not stated or implied in Einsteins paper). Simply put, it is always possible to change a false statement into a true statement e.g. suppose Einstein had said that Black is White. Suppose that someone comes along and says, If we change Black is White to Black is Black and White is White, we have a true statement. This is what the apologists for Einstein are doing.
Perhaps the most important observation here is that Dr. Carezani anticipated the results instead of just reacting to them. In a nutshell, if proven correct i.e. that travel beyond the speed of light is possible, then the theory of special relativity is dead and so is its sister, E=mc . Both depend on the speed of light being a limit. If it is not a limit, then special relativity can be consigned to the scrapheap where it belongs.

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The Eclipse of 1919