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Summary and Conclusions
Albert Einstein: Prophet or Plagiarist

Speculation: Tell the truth about Einstein and the cash cow dies (Einstein loses credibility). Engage in half truths about Einstein for decades, get Time Magazine to elevate Einstein to the status of Person of the Century and the supreme con works. All you have to do to make the con work is suppress unfavorable information about Einstein He was a plagiarist yet somehow this information never made it to the American public. How many of you ever heard that Einstein was a blatant, brazen plagiarist? Why havent you heard it? The physics community buried it. Then the physics community makes billions of dollars from grants, awards, power, prestige, stipends, money, travel, book deals, honoraria, etc over the next several decades. Advertising people would readily agree, that Person of the Century is worth billions of dollars to the physics community over the next 25 to 50 years. This is similar to artificially inflating a stock price with false stories and then cashing in at the lofty price. Substitute getting research grants approved instead of cashing in at a lofty price, and you have the physics community.
It should be obvious that there is absolutely no incentive for the physics community to tell the truth about Einstein except that they might get caught. They have a tremendous conflict of interest between telling the truth about Einstein or promoting physics. It appears that telling the truth about Einstein is not high on the list of priorities of the physics community. One of the ways that the physics community has legal problems is with respect to the phrase passive fraud. I define passive fraud as the willingness to leave on the record false information and then benefit from that false information. In other words, the physics community may not have to do anything proactive. All they have to do is permit false and misleading information to go unchallenged and then benefit from it.
The physics community may face the following charges: 1)Conspiracy, for failing to get out the truth about Einstein, 2)Fraud, for the placement (or covert support) of false information on the record and then benefitting from it, 3)Perjury, for false statements in research grants, 4)Racketeering, For acting like organized criminals. 5)Obstruction of justice as the scientists try to destroy documents. The justice department should squeeze undergraduates first, then graduates, then adjunct professors, then full professors, then Department Heads, then the chancellors of the universities, and then Nobel Laureates. The level of criminality that the physics community has engaged in is perhaps fourth or fifth behind organized crime as the leading class of criminals in our society in terms of total felonies committed and magnitude of the money involved.
One of the biggest problems facing the physics community is that they are incredibly arrogant and view themselves as being intellectually superior. Consider these passages from Gleicks book, CHAOS, Making a New Science: These scientists had experience with brilliance and with eccentricity. p. 2, I understand youre real smart, Agnew said to Feigenbaum, If youre so smart, why dont you just solve laser fusion? p.2, To a physicist, creating laser fusion was a legitimate problem; puzzling out the spin and color and flavor of small particles was a legitimate problem; dating the origin of the universe was a legitimate problem. Understanding clouds was a job for a meteorologist. Like other physicists, Feigenbaum used an understated, tough-guy vocabulary to rate such problems. p.3, The most passionate advocates of the new science go so far as to say that Twentieth century science will be remembered for just three things: relativity, quantum mechanics, and chaos. p.6
What the physics community is going to realize is that, painfully, their very intelligence is their greatest enemy; a Mafia underling with an IQ of 80, might not realize he was in the middle of a conspiracy. Is a brilliant physicist unaware of what it meant if Einstein was a plagiarist or that the physics community had falsified the data surrounding the eclipse of 1919 and 1922? Were they completely unaware that falsehoods with respect to Einstein would result in an increase in funding to the physics community? The physics community has two choices: They may argue that they are incredible ignoramuses and have no idea of illegal activities. The basic problem with this approach is that the phyics community has gone to great pains to tell us how brilliant they are. Now that they are caught conducting illegal activity, they have to play dumb. Somehow, a defense along the lines of: When Im a physicist, Im brilliant, but when Im a crook, Im stupid, has poor prospects of success. This is not a recommended defense for the physics community. So why are we funding stupid people? Or, they knew what was going on and deliberately covered it up. In which case, they are crooks. Why are we funding crooks?

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