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Albert Einstein: Prophet or Plagiarist

An Einsteinism can be defined as the perturbation of language in order to put a positive spin on some aspect of Einsteins life.

Clark, Einstein The Life and Times---Even in form and style it was unusual, lacking the notes and references which give weight to most serious expositions---This is a no brainer; most serious expositions are not the product of plagiarism.

Good, Mensa Bull., April/May 2001---His omission of all citations in his 1905 paper is regrettable.---It is not regrettable, it is plagiarism.

Wells, Mensa Bull. April/May 2001---Einstein borrowed, shamefully without references apparently.---Apparently Have you looked at the document in question Mr. Wells?--- Borrowed shamefully Another euphemism for plagiarized.

Perlmutter, Turner and White, Einsteins Mistake is Revived---Einstein famously abandoned. How about infamously abandoned? Or absurdly abandoned?

Lemonick, Einsteins Repulsive Idea He invented antigravity in desperation and abandoned it first chance he got--but it may be the most powerful force in the universe---Einsteins blunder Yes, he got it right!!!

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